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Bloody Mary is an old, traditional ritual legend originating from England, centuries ago. It is a common dare given in a game of Truth Or Dare by teenagers, and the outcome varies. 

Things You Will Need

  • A mirror attached to your bathroom's wall, this is a must as "Bloody Mary" will be summoned using this.
  • A candle.
  • A matchstick/lighter to light the candle.
  • 3 or more people during the ritual.

Playing The Game

Half an hour before 12:00 AM, prepare a candle and a lighter/matchstick and then light up the candle. Invite at least 3 friends or relatives to the ritual, and wait until it's 12:00 AM. Once it is 12:00 AM, turn off all the lights and repeat "Bloody Mary" 3 to 30 times (repeating it 13 times is the most popular) along with a slow "I killed your baby" if desired. Should Bloody Mary be summoned, escape the bathroom immediately and get some fresh air to decrease your tension.