Dark Music is a game that you have to play at night.

You will need:

  • A instrument (like a Guitar or Flute)
  • A pointy pin
  • Holy Water or Salt Water
  • Music Notes
  • Ink
  • Paper
  • A Hawk Feather
  • A Bandaid (if your a pussy)
  • Something to hide in (like a black/dark blue blanket)
  • Head Phones
  • Something to record that can plug in headphones
  • A Camera
  • A screen so you can use the camera

How to play:

Take the instrument and place it in front of a door

Take the pointy pin a poke your self then wipe the blood on the instrument

OPTIONAL: Put the bandaid on your finger

Place the Camera in front of the instrumet

Take the Ink and the Feather and the Paper

Start Writing on the paper

Write: "Oh Mighty Ghost, Please play for us!"

Wait until 12:00 in the thing you are hiding in until you hear faint music

Start the recorder and plug in your headphones


TIP: When you want the ghost to go away put the Holy Water or Salt Water in your mouth (DO NOT DRINK) and spit it out on your floor

WARNING: Do not post the video on any website or the Ghost will haunt you (what will happen is below)

Some people have reported that they have dreams about them walking in a hallway and seeing a person playing a flute or guitar, When they walk closer they see a ghost playing that instrument and then the ghost gets closer and kills them in the dream.

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