Hide and go kill Wiki
Items Needed:

*One tea light
*One friend
*A bathroom with a mirror

1. Turn off every light in the house, except for one (in any room but the bathroom).

2. Go into the bathroom and  have your friend stand outside the door. Make sure the bathroom light is off, and turn on the tea light.  Close the door.

3. Starting with the wall on which the mirror is mounted on, say "join me" once to each wall (facing the appropriate wall while saying this). 

4. Face the mirror again and  say "I am ready." Now close your eyes and spin around thirteen times while saying "Samara." Open your eyes and look in the mirror.

5. It is possible that you will see Samara's bloody, dirty face staring back at you. Quickly scream "Samara!" Your friend MUST open the door within five seconds of your scream.  If your friend does NOT open the door for you, Samara is free to take you back with her, into the mirror (which will not be pleasant for you and will most likely result in your death). 

6. If your friend does open the door, run as fast as you can into the room where the light is turned on. DO NOT turn the tea light off. Samara is still with you and  if you turn off the tea light, Samara will take you with her.

7. Finally, you and your friend must repeat sternly, three times "you are not welcome!" Samara is gone. You may now turn of the tea light.  


It is very important that you have a friend at the door to open it for you.  YOU CANNOT OPEN THE DOOR FROM THE INSIDE.  SAMARA HAS LOCKED IT. The tea light is another important factor of this game. Make sure you follow these steps EXACTLY, otherwise you could be seriously harmed or killed.  This is not a game (well, technically it is, but not a very fun one), and I strongly suggest you do not play it without knowing what you are doing.

Good luck, have fun.